Indian Ocean Shorts


In the Indian Ocean islands, independent film festivals are building the conditions for a new cinematography to emerge in the region. Sharing the same vision, they focus on developing audiences, training professionals, supporting productions, promoting and distributing films and opening windows to the world.

This program of short fiction films is a simple and modest testimony to the vibrant energy and creativity taking place in our region.

We travel in cinematographic landscapes that could look familiar  to the Ethiopian audiences.  Cinema is life, and these work attempt to evoke its beauty and cruelty; addiction and suffering in The encounter (Mauritius), family ties and quest for freedom in Magid the Magician (Comoros), exile and loss in 'Only dead fish follow the stream' (Reunion Islands), survival, resilience and fraternity in 'The rice kid' (Madagascar).

Please do excuse my absence, but the Festival and I had a 'Greek type of problem' but I do hope, we will meet one day and will exchange.

Many thanks to June Givanni and to Abraham Haile Biru for their effort and passion in the promotion of our art form on our continent.

Enjoy the screening.
Mohamed Said-Ouma

MAURITIUS: The Encounter
Jon Rabaud - Mauritius - 2012 - 17'
COMOROS: Magid the Magician
Mohamed Said Ouma - Comoros - 2014 - 23'
REUNION ISLANDS: Only Dead Fish Follow the Stream
Erika Etang Salé - Reunion Islands - 2012 - 29'
Ludovic R. Randriamantsoa - Madagascar - 2013 - 25'