About Colours of the Nile International Film Festival (CONIFF)

In the eyes of African filmmakers, audiences as well as leading film industry media across the world, the Inaugural Edition of Colours of the Nile International Film Festival (CONIFF)   was an overwhelming success.  CONIFF took place in November 2012 under the theme “The Modern Place for African Cinema”. The festival gave a new voice to young and tenanted African filmmakers and brought forward a unique and new perspective of Africa to the world.  The programming of CONIFF was thus dubbed “the best line-up in the African Continent” by the international media.  

CONIFF also sparked a discussion about the strengthening cooperation and unity among African Filmmakers and utilising the role of CONIFF and its strategic location in this regards. The testimony of 32 renowned African filmmakers that attended the festival and many more who shared their view on CONIFF highlighted the symbolic and practical significance of institutionalising an all rounded African cinema in the Africa’s diplomatic capital, Addis Ababa CONIFF not only promotes Africa cinematic culture but also supports the African Union’s mandate in the cultural sphere that is defined in the AU’s “Charter for African Cultural Relicense”.

Buildings on the success of the inaugural edition preparations for the 2nd edition of CONIFF are underway. The theme of CONIFF 2014 is “Lenses on African Renaissance”. This theme is selected in the spirit of Pan Africanism and African Renaissance (the central themes of AU’s 50th anniversary) and to reflect the important role of cinema for achieving African Renaissance by inspiring, educating , promoting peace and freedom of expression in the African continent.

CONIFF aims at Promoting African Cinema, as well as facilitating Experience Exchange and Networking among African film industry professionals.  The festival is also an important contribution for enriching the cultural profile of Africa’s diplomatic capital, Addis Ababa.

CONIFF is organised by Blue Nile Film and Television Academy in collaboration with the Ethiopian Filmmakers Association.  The Blue Nile Film and Television Academy (BNFTA) is a pioneering East African Film training institute based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Academy’s mission is to widen the knowledge base of African cinema by providing high quality filmmaking training.  BNFTA was founded in 2007 by award-winning Ethiopian cinematographer Abraham Haile Biru.

The Ethiopian Filmmakers Association was established in 1993 and is one of the first filmmakers’ alliances on the African continent. As an independent institution of Ethiopian filmmakers, its primary objective is to promote Ethiopian cinema and to facilitate knowledge and information exchange among film professionals.



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