Message from the President


It is a true pleasure to add Colours of the Nile International Film Festival (CNIFF) to the global film festival movement; in particular to celebrate African Cinema. Being a filmmaker myself I have always been fascinated by the power of Cinema.
The moving images projected onto the screen go far beyond mere entertainment. They promote forms of contemporary African cultural expression to Africans and across the globe. They depict the beautiful cultural diversity of our continent and nurture the roots of African Unity. CNIFF is built upon the conviction that African film-makers and African cinema deserve celebration and promotion on unlimited platforms.

CNIFF is an independent film festival dedicated to promote African Cinema and to foster dialogue and cooperation among African film industry professionals. Taking place in the diplomatic capital of Africa, Addis Ababa, CNIFF is setting up to be the modern place for African Cinema; one that caters to the needs of a vibrant African film movement and brings together the creative minds of the continent.

In this attempt, I am privileged to be joined by a team of implacable professionals and true visionaries, working side by side to make CNIFF a world class film event. I am overwhelmed by the response of fellow filmmakers, their willingness and desire to take a part and support us.