Ethiopian Heritage

Curated by the Ethiopian Association of Film Critics

The movies featured in this section are:

Aster Hirut Abatwa Manew
Solomon Bekele Weya - Ethiopia - 1992 - 120m Lambros Jokaris - Ethiopia - 1965 - 130m

“Shining a light on Ethiopia’s hidden domestic issues.“

“The chase of true happiness sometimes results in failure.”
The Last Dress Teza
Tsegaye Yohanes, Leul Solomon - Ethiopia - 2012 - 93m Haîlé Gerima - Ethiopia/Germany/France - 2005 - 140m

“Children often share the earthly punishment of their parents.“

“You’ll always find your way back home.“
The Return of the Obelisk/Le Retour De L'Obelisque
Samson GIorgis - Ethiopia/France - 2007 - 64m

“The story ends when you give up.“