Feature Competition 2012

The films competing in this section are:


Virgin Margarida / Virgem Margarida Burn It Up Djassa / Le djassa a pris feu
Licinio Azevedo – Mozambique / Portugal– 2012 - 90m Lonesome Solo - Ivory Coast/France – 2012 - 70m

“No one leaves here without superior orders.”

“Bringing Cinema back to the streets has never felt more real.”
The Scent of Lemon / Lomi Shita The Repentant / El Taaib
Abraham Gezahagne – Ethiopia – 2012 - 104m Merzak Allouache - France/Algeria – 2012 - 87m

“Politics, love and tragedy: one family’s epic tale.”

“What is left unsaid is often more powerful and poetic.”
Grey Matter / Matiere Grise On the Edge/Sur la Planche
Kivu Ruhorahoza - Rwanda – 2011 - 100m Leila Kilani - Marocco/France/Germany - 2011 - 106m

“Can a film like this exist only in the director's dreams?”

“Strengthened by their Girl-power gang, they can conquer all.”
Restless City Otelo Burning
Andrew Dosunmu - Nigeria / USA – 2011 - 80m Sara Blecher - South Africa - 2011 - 95m

"Restless City is drenched in lush textures and color."

“A great insight into a turbulent time in South Africa.“