Colours of the Nile IFF 2012 Award winners announced!


The choice of films for the inaugural Colours of The Nile International Film Festival 2012, has been a compelling and visually inspiring cinematic feast from every corner of the African continent, - east, west, north and south.
The Jury has unanimously decided to award the prize for best long feature film to Restless City.

Restless City shows a very high level of originality, high artistic merit, an innovative approach to storytelling and profound cinematographic flair. The rarely touched upon subject of a journey about the struggles of African migration to the USA, told with care and attention to detail.

The Jury has decided to also award Restless City with the best cinematography award for showing a creative and innovative visual approach to storytelling, thereby achieving a high level of photographic artistry and cinematic design standing by itself in telling a gripping story.

For more information on the remaining awards granted at this years festival, please visit the awards page.