Shorts Competition 2012

The films competing in this section are:


Umkhungo Yellow Fever
Matthew Jankes - South Africa - 2011 - 30m Ng’endo Mukii - Kenya/UK – 2012 - 7m

"A deeply serious film with powerful performances."

“Skin and body are often distorted into a topographical division between reality and illusion.”-Ng’endo Mukii
Taxi Sister Yeberew Wuleta
Theresa Traore Dahlberg - Sweden/Senegal - 2011 - 28m Tirsit Agez - Ethiopia - 2011 - 5m
“A testament to the deep reserve of female talent.”

Atlantiques White Gold
Mati Diop - France/Senegal - 2009 - 15m Adama Salle, Burkina Fasso/Morocco - 2010 - 20m

"Memorial and campfire talks about the dreams of so many youngsters."

"How history just never stops repeating itself."
Tinye So Dirty Laundry
Daouda Coulibaly - Mali - 2010 - 25m Stephen Abbott - South Africa - 2011 - 16m

"The spirits are speaking one last time in the hopes of being heard."

"And all Roger wanted was a 40-degree rinse and a mild spin cycle."
Psychology 101 Hisab
Tilahun G Selassie - Ethiopia - 2011 - 12m Ezra Wube - Ethiopia - 2011 - 8m

"A psychology experiment gone comically awry."

"A humorous poke at the hustle and bustle of Addis Ababa."
Keyti: Poetry in the Street of Dakar Drexciya
Nomadic Wax - USA/Senegal - 2,4m Akosua Adoma Owusu - Ghana/USA – 2010 - 12m

"Artistic expression has many forms and faces."

"Drexciya’s influence certainly continues to mutate and grow."
A History of Independence
Daouda Coulibaly - France/Mali - 2009 - 21m

“If you can stand the smoke, you will enjoy the heat of the fire.”