10:00-12:00 Workshop: Cinema for Peace & dialogue
With Screening of Sudanese Short films
Taghreed Elsanhouri       Workshops
14:00-16:00 Boxing With Her L. Robbana Doghri & S. Trabelsi Tunesia 2013 52m Documentary Competition
16:00-18:00 Rumours of War/ Nhunu Ngunu Kan Soussaba Cisse Mali 2012 90m Feature Competition
18:00-20:00 Mappantsula Oliver Schmitz
S. Africa
1987 104m South African Focus


10:00-12:00 Workshop: Documentary Filmmaking
Hamid Benamra
14:00-16:00 Creation in Exile
Daniella Ricci
France 2013 52m Best of the Rest
16:00-18:00  Twaaga
Cedric Ido
Burkinafasso 2013 30m Shorts Competition
  Shoeshine Amil Shivii Tanzania 2013 24m Shorts Competition
  Hold Strong
Marius Bonfeu
S. Africa
2013 15:17m Shorts Competition
18:00-20:00  The Cradock Four David Forbes S. Africa
2010 92m South African Focus